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Build your own website in six easy steps


Building your own web site is fairly easy, as you will find out, if you are able successfully survive this tutorial.

First of all identify the purpose of building a web site. It can be a

  • simple family web site, to keep in touch with family members and near and dear ones spread across the world
  • A social or some other cause like trust for welfare of poor, some small group like your town club, etc
  • A small business web site, a internet brochure of your home or family business
  • A big e-commerce web site
  • Information Portal
  • You can be more creative

OK OK, I know, you know all this, this was just a warm up! So, we will concentrate now on building of  a small web site for points 1 to 3. Lets get started:

Step 1 - Domain Name Registration

Step 2 - Web site Hosting - Prices, Disk Space, Server Speed, Windows NT, Windows 2000 verses UNIX or Linux servers

Step 3 - Web site Designing - Your Target Audience, Content, Overview of Web site, Actual Designing

Step 4 - Uploading web pages - FTP

Step 5 - Marketing web site - Online and Offline and Search Engines, Directory Submission, Search Engine Submission, Links Exchange

Step 6 - Web site maintenance

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