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Layman's guide to business web site

What is a web site?

What you should be looking in your web site service provider?

As you must have understood by now, a web site is more than just a product you will buy for your company. Simply because it is cheap, it does not means it is just that important. It is much more important. It will be your office in a city called cyberworld. It is as important as opening an office in Washington or New Delhi. You surely know the importance of opening an office. A web site solution provider is your office manager, builder, technical consultant rolled into one. Here is a checklist, you might try to tick when you are considering a web site provider:

  • Does he has any experience in business ? Your web site is purely a business decision, isnt it? Someone who is doing business knows business well.

  • Is he doing online business ? There are people who don't actually believe in online business and still selling it to gain money !

  • How old is he/she/they in business ?

Who is 4eIT.com?

  1. 4eIT.com was setup in the year 1999, when no body knew what internet is
  2. It is promoted by established business house
  3. Wide experience in online business
  4. Among Very few internet companies that is earning
  5. Wide technical, commercial and legal experience in online selling and exporting of software
  6. Team of dedicated technical persons

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