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Frequently Asked Questions

Server - Installation module

?: What is the server Configuration ?
$. The server configuration is as follows:
Operating System: LINUX
Connected with full duplex 10/100 Mbps connection that provides for fully switched (non-shared) access to the ATM backbone. The ATM backbone is directly multi-homed to five major carriers. Our provider has excellent connectivity to all primary Internet carriers with a total bandwidth of 145 Mbps. This has proven to be one of Vancouverís most reliable Internet backbone. Accessibility to this network is 99.999%.

?: What is the PERL path for the server?
$. The PERL path for the server is:
PERL Version: PERL 5.006

?: What is the sendmail path?
$. Use the following Sendmail path for the server:

?: What are the features of the hosting package bought by me?
$. FTP, CGI, PERL is standard, rest may change, so check out at the time of placing order

?: I need a database for my site. Does my web space support a Database?
$. Yes, only Professional Web Hosting package supports MySQL and Postgress Database . Please check it out at www.4eit.com/webhosting 

?: Does my space support CGI? If not then do I need to pay extra?
$. By default all web hosting packages from Business onwards are CGI enabled. There is no extra cost for this. All you need to do is mention your preference for CGI at the time of Domain Registration/ Domain Setup, most popular choice for CGI applications. Some other widely-used languages are C, C++, TCL, BASIC and - for simple tasks -even shell scripts. Reasons for choosing Perl include its powerful text manipulation capabilities (in particular the 'regular' expression) and the fantastic WWW support modules available.

?: Does my web hosting account support FrontPage extensions.
$. Yes, it does support Front Page extensions. 

?: Where do I upload my HTML files on the server? 
$. When you Ftp to your web Space on the server you will be at root directory. Within this directory you will have a sub-directory 'public_html' upload all your HTML, JPEG and GIF files here.

?: How do I transfer my files to the server?
$. Use any FTP(Files Transfer Protocol) software such as cuteFTP and other similar products to transfer your files. You may try this for shareware version at cuteftp or FTPPro

?: Where do I get a software to transfer my files to the server from ? How much does it cost? 
$. There is a host of FTP softwares available on the internet for free. You may download Cute FTP from cuteftp or try FTPPro

?: What is the Path to the Control Panel? 
$. http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel , replace "yourdomain" with the domain name you have ordered. For example, http://www.4eit.com/cpanel .

?: Can I provide visitors to my site with a 'Hotmail' like web based e-mail? 
$. Yes, you can. There are a number of 3rd party services offering, such a service free of cost, in return for advertising space. You can change the MX records all by yourself at your Control Panel. You can request for the same by filling the Contact us form, immediately after placing the order and we will do it for free. Next day onward, it will carry a one time cost of US $ 20 or Rs. 900/-.

?: Do I need to pay extra for Domain name parking (registering a domain name but not hosting? 
$. You can create your own custom page, why would you need to park your domain name and advertise us ?! Simply create a homepage carrying your contact information in any text editor, name it index.shtml and upload it with cute FTP . You now have a custom homepage and custom email address.

?: What about server back-ups? 
$. We take a daily server backup. However, Data safety in not guaranteed, you are advised to keep a back-up of your site.

?: How do I get statistics ? 
$. It is available in Control Panel. Then there are any number of third party programs available for the purpose. Try www.extreme-dm.com .

?: What kind of technical support do I get? 
$. You get 14 calendar days server side technical support from the date of order. This DOES NOT include programming support.

?: How do I set up my e-mail on an e-mail browser such as Outlook Express? 
$. Please visit the Control Panel for setting up of your email address on the server. The type of email server is POP 3, IMAP and web based. For configuration of Outlook Express, Please refer to your web hosting signup email for Incoming mail server, For outgoing email server, Please fill in the SMTP server information provided by your ISP.

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