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Frequently Asked Questions

HTML - Primary knowledge

?: I have made my site using simple HTML and pictures. But my site appears different on IE and Netscape browsers. What should I do?
$. This problem is common because the settings of Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers are different from each other. Its always better for your sake that while making your site you check it on both browsers after every new step. While making tables in HTML must specify height and width for each cell. This will help in this problem.

?: I want to use a picture instead of a staid grey coloured submit button. Can I do it and How?
$. Yes, you can use picture instead of a submit button by using following syntax:
<input type="image" src="abc.jpg" border="0">
This will make the image abc.jpg as a submit button.

?: The pictures I have used in my site appear on my local machine but not the webserver. Why is this happening?
$. 1. Make sure that the image name given on the server should be the same as it was saved with because it is case sensitive. The letters of the Image name provided on server should be exactly in the same order (whether capital or small) as given while saving it. For e.g. if you have saved a image as AbcD.gif, as A and D are in capital letters and others in small letters. So while making HTML give image name exactly the same i.e AbcD.gif
2. Make sure that you have not saved the image with a extension given in capital letters like .JPG or .GIF Always save the image with a extension in small letters like .jpg or .gif
3. While transferring your files through ftp make sure that your image files are fully transferred and not
interrupted in between.

?: What is the difference between GET and POST methods used in a form? How do I know which one to go for when using a form?
$. Get method: Get method is used 

?: I want to use Javascripts on my WebSite. Does a Linux Server allows it?
$. Yes, Javascript is supported by Linux Servers.

?: Where do I store my HTML files on the server? 
$. When you Ftp to your web Space on the server you will be at /home/www.yourdomain.ext directory. Within this directory you will have a sub-directory 'www/html', upload all your HTML, JPEG and GIF files here. For CGI files, you have subdirectory 'www/cgi-bin'

?: Can I give links within one HTML page? How?
$. Yes, You can give links within one HTML page by using the following syntax:
<a name="anyname"></a> Give this command where you want the link to go.
<a href="#anyname">ABC</a> Give this command where you want a link to be placed.
When you click on link ABC it will point to where <a name="anyname"></a> has written within same HTML page.

?: Are there any disadvantages of using Frames? 
$. Now a days, there is no harm in using Frames. But by using frames you are using multiple files, it will be loaded a bit slower.

?: I have made some changes to my site but it is not showing on the web?
$. It must be picking the old file from the cache memory of your browser. First clear the cache from your browser and then reload it.
To remove cache from Netscape Browser the path is:
C:\PROGRAM FILES\Netscape\user\yourname\Cache (yourname is the name you provided while loading netscape) 
Remove all the files from the cache directory and then reload netscape browser.
To remove cache from Internet Explorer the path is:
C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files
Remove all the files from the folder Temporary Internet Files and reload the IE Browser.

?: My site is not showing on the server though I have already uploaded all the files to the space allocated. What is the reason? 
$. There might be the following reasons:
* Wrong Directory/ Pathname.
* No index.html
* The file names/ extensions may not be in small case.
* The homepage may be index.htm instead of index.html

So, Take care to:
Upload your files in www/html subdirectory
Name the main file index.html
Check for name.extensions of index.html, they should be in small case

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