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Frequently Asked Questions

Domain name registration- Primary knowledge

?. Are there any hidden costs ? 
$. No, There are no hidden costs at all. 

?. Is this price valid for everyone ?
$. Yes !

?. Are you going to charge me extra, for moving my domain name to another server?
$. Never. In fact, we will hand you over the entire control of the domain

?. Are there any volume discounts, on this further ? 
$. Yes. Sign up for Domain name reseller program and avail attractive bulk domain name registration discounts.

?. How do I purchase ? 
$. Check the availability of domains and apply for them. After completion of application it will automatically lead you to Payments option. You have variety of Payment Options available, probably the widest:

You may send us or personally visit our office and hand us over a cash / Demand Draft for the requisite amount via post or courier, along with the Domain Name wanted and the Name of the Registrant, Address, Pin Code, E-mail, Telephone and Fax numbers. 

?. Do you accept cash ? 
$. Yes. But ONLY at our office or a direct deposit at any branch of ICICI Bank. 

?. Should we pay via check or via Demand Draft ? 
$. The choice is yours. If you want your domain name to be registered, immediately, you should pay via DD. In case of checks, the domain name will be registered after the payment has been realised, this usually takes a month or more depending upon your bank. 

?. Where can I check whether a domain is available or not ? 
$. You can check the same at http://www.4eit.com .

?. What happens if by the time you register the domain name for us, it is not available ? 
$. First of all, we will ensure that as soon as we have received the payment for the domain name, we register it. But if by any chance, the domain name is not available before we register it, you have two choices: a) Register another domain name. or b) Get the entire money refunded (-) the transaction charges. Transaction charges charged by Banks, Credit Card discounting companies are usually so high that it makes little sense to ask for a refund. The refunds are made by Indian Cheques.

?. Can I have Administrative, Technical and Billing Contact in my name? Will I be able to independently control my domain name, completely?
$. Yes & Yes, to both. Unlike most other domain name registrars, we give your independent login and password for controlling your domain name. 

?. Will you also host my web site ? 
$. Yes. We have the fastest servers, with the best features at very reasonable prices. Please visit www.4eit.com for details.

?. Why are your domain name prices higher than that of others ? 
. They practice what is called a loss leader program. A Domain Name by itself stand alone is of little use, except for value appreciation. For a domain name to be of any use, you need to buy web hosting to host your web site - your information, business or personal details, for email use, as a permanent online identity. When you buy domain name from us, we charge very reasonable and affordable prices for web hosting and email facility. You can say that this is a complete web site solution. Without web hosting, your domain name is like a sign board, with out a shop or your name plate without a house. Now, what others do is charge less for domain name and then charge heavens and earth, upto US $ 30 per month for hosting it ! So, what they lose in domain name registration, they more than make it by earning in web hosting.

?. What is the FREE web hosting scheme ? 
$. We offer free web hosting with a free sub domain name registration or Free domain hosting. In case of Free domain hosting, you only need to pay for the Domain name registration, you can avail free web hosting along with a domain name of your choice, registered from us or from someone else.

?. Why does not my domain name not show me as the Registrant at the Network Solutions web site ? 
$. Note that the results of a successful search will contain only technical information about the registered domain name and referral information for the registrar of the domain name. In the currently prevalent Shared Registration System model, registrars are responsible for maintaining Whois domain name contact information. 

?. I have already registered a domain name. But it is still not showing in the whois database? 
$. Please do a check against the following: 
If you made the payment via cheque, please give us enough working days for the payment to get cleared. The Local cheques get cleared in 1 day, Indian outstation cheques usually take 3 weeks and Foreign cheques may take upto 2 months. We advise you that you deposit the cheques in your location branch of ICICI Bank, that way they clear up within 1 day

If you have recently received a domain registration complete message, it takes at least 24-72 hours for the root records to get updated. (In any case, however, your domain is already registered.) 

?. Can I register a domain name with you and then host it with some other hosting provider? 
$. Yes, any time, any day you are free to move to another provider, at any stage. However, if you already have web hosting facility, it makes little sense to do so.

?. Can I come back to you later on for hosting ? 
$. Yes, anytime, any day, As long as you want. Whether you use it or not, your web hosting is active for one year.

?. Then what is the benefit that I get by hosting with 4eIT.com? 

  1. We give Banner Free, Rock stable and fast web hosting at affordable costs.

  2. We give you direct control over your domain name. Most domain name registrations mean that you can at any time be held at ransom. This is because they do not give you login/password access to your domain name. Registering with them is like buying a piece of land and then handing over the ownership papers to your neighbor ! When you register a domain name with us, you get complete control over your domain name. You get your domain name login/password. 

  3. Try our service, it is much superior.

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